tcf hit list

This is basically the page that contains the things that I want. Probably my dream option and my realistic option. Maybe trendy pieces for the upcoming season, or an area where I need to step my game up, or maybe things that I've just had my little eye on for a while. This will be ever changing, so check back often to see what I'm feeling.

(Click the pics for links to the items)

1. Over the Knee Boots

Man...I just really need to get some. They were so popular last fall/winter season and at first I wasn't a big fan. I think it's the ones with the looser opening on top of the knee that turn me off. I don't know why but I just think they make the legs look stumpy? Am I wrong here ladies....possibly? BUT....the ones that are tight around the leg and tie up the those are make your legs look good and are really sexy I think!!! I've got to get a pair this fall. My dream option is obviously some Stuart Weitzman's. Like.........they are the shit. But so expensive. I'm still on the look out for my favorite realistic option...which is probably why I haven't bought any yet. For some reason, I am super particular when buying boots. We don't know why!!! It took me over a year to pick out and finally decide on my J.Crew riding boots, and several months of searching to decide on my Sole Society booties last year. It seems a little crazy even for me. Regardless, I think my realistic choice would be the Steve Madden option here.

UPDATE: I just got the Steve Madden's shown below and I LOVE them! I haven't worn them yet because it's far too warm here in Indiana still, but as soon as it's get a little cooler, I can't wait to strut around town in them! We shall see how comfortable they are once I wear them out and stuff, but so far so good!

 Stuart Weitzman Tieland Boot

Stuart Weitzman Tieland Boot

 Steve Madden Gorgeous Boot

Steve Madden Gorgeous Boot

2. Choker Necklace

Another trend that I wasn't overly interested in last winter, but now I'm kind of getting behind it! I have never worn a choker necklace before...not even in middle school when they were last popular. But I like the look of the thicker ones that are fabric and a part of the shirt. It makes your neck look good! I'll have to try a couple on and see if it works on me, but I'd like to get into the choker game. 


3. Frill

The frilly off-the-shoulder is so popular right now. I love how feminine and girly that look is, but I don't know if it's particularly me. I think this is another area of my wardrobe I need to expand. Since I can't really wear anything too crazy to work, that leads me to buy a lot of basic solids and stripes and stuff. But I need more cute stuff to wear out on the weekends. I'm transitioning out of my forever21 college going out clothes!! Lol Does anyone feel me? It needs to happen. I'm growing up and my style is following suit, so I need to get more into the frill game. Cute and still a little sexy, but more grown up. 

4. Blanket Scarves

I LOOOOVE blanket scarves. They are the perfect way to spice up a solid shirt or sweater. Also, if you are someone who gets cold easily, like I am, they are a great way to keep warm without wearing a jacket that doesn't necessarily go with your outfit. You can tie them all kinds of different ways for different looks. They are just so versatile to me! Another great thing is that you can just throw one on and you don't really need to worry about other accessories. Throw it on over a sweater with a cute pair of boots and you're done with minimal effort! With fall just around the corner, I wanted to post some of my favorites for the upcoming season. This first one I just ordered from asos. It was sold out like 3 different times last year and I wasn't able to get it so I'm pumped that it's finally back in stock and I got my little paws on one. Also, the first two look pretty similar, but they are not, in fact, the same. Just trust me. Both are very cute. I love the third one too. I wish I could get them all!