Welcome to TCF. 

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Welcome to The Color Floral.

Welcome to The Color Floral.

Welcome to my daybook, as I like to call it. Starting The Color Floral has been really fun and exciting, but also scary because I want you guys to like it!

Anyway, I'm not sure what my blogging voice will be, as people call it. I have done a bit of research in terms of how to grow your blog and be successful at it. There are a lot of good tips and insight out there. I also have spoken with Greg about what my style should be on here too. His biggest point to me was to make sure that I am staying true to myself and enjoying the blog space. I am very analytical and goal oriented so it's easy for me to get wrapped up in making sure I appeal to the right audience and be sure to do this and that and so on....and before you know it, I'm so concerned about all of that stuff that I forget the whole purpose of me starting this blog...

The whole purpose is to have fun!! And for me to express myself. Sometimes I don't say the most politically correct things, or appeal to everyone, or a million different things. I think my friends would describe me as a bold and outgoing girl, who cares about others and lives to laugh, eat, and dress up. I'm super competitive so of course I want The Color Floral to be a success...even though I'm not sure how I would define that goal at the moment. 

I think the number one thing that I want to accomplish with this is to relate to others, hopefully give helpful insight through my posts, and also grow as a creative individual. I love meeting new people. I am always game for it, so please reach out to me!!! Or even if we already know each other, let me know what you think of the site. 

The Color Floral has been a long time coming. My friends and family have been telling me to start a blog for a couple years now. Probably because I have kind of self-appointed myself the fashionista. I would like to think it fits me, but ultimately clothing is a creative outlet for me, and I'm not one to shy away from giving my opinions about fashion when asked...or sometimes not asked, although I am trying to be better about that. :) 

So....as you peruse through the site, please please give me your feedback and opinions!!! I will warn you that a lot of the photos were taken by Greg on my iPhone. I'm kicking myself because I have deleted many pictures (due to iPhone storage reasons) that I should've kept, that would've been perfect for the site. I had to steal some from my instagram for some of the posts. Basically, this is not a professional operation. I want it to be polished and thought out, but hey, I'm not running with the big dogs over here so I gotta do what I gotta do.

 I will say however, that I have recently been collaborating with my friend and photographer, Erika Wetterlin for some pieces, including the pictures you'll see below! She has been an awesome help to me in starting this process. Please go and check out her website here to see some of her work!  In working with her, that's my way of stepping up my game in order to bring higher quality content to the The Color Floral. I'm sure you will be able to tell which posts are from working with her. 

Okay so sorry for being long-winded, but now you have kind of the back story to how this blog came to be, and a little bit about what I want it to be. As time goes, I'm sure it will change and hopefully grow, but more than that, I hope I grow from it. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me to do this! Your support is invaluable to me.

Thanks guys!! Enjoy!!! 

As always, comment and subscribe! Or email me at stephie@thecolorfloral.com. 


This dress is from Chicwish here, and I feel like I could die in it and be happy. Like...if I could define the perfect type of floral, it would be this dress. It's bright and colorful and makes me feel special every time I put it on. The embroidery is on point guys. Something that isn't exactly on point though is the fit. I will be honest about that. I've found this to be pretty common, and some of you might be able to relate as well, that when ordering from an online boutique site, sometimes the fit isn't the greatest. Like, even though they state the measurements...I don't know. Often times it's like the silhouette they're using is not a normal body type? But maybe that's just me because and I guess have a semi-unique body type? So anyway, I ordered a medium according to the size guide, and when I got it it fit perfectly everywhere except for the shoulders....and I don't think I have wide shoulders? Lol So it was weird. I decided to return the medium and get a large. The shoulders were better but I still didn't have my full range of motion, and the waist was bigger and not as fitted as I would like......but from looking at me wearing it and stuff you can't tell that I have any issues with the fit so I still chalk this up as a win and Chicwish remains on my list of loves. Just be aware when ordering from online sites. 

Shoes: J.Crew, similar here. Watch: Kate Spade New York, found here

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