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Activewear Goals

Activewear Goals

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I just finished our LA itinerary, and I gotta tell you guys, I think I've really outdone myself with this one. I have spent a lot of time researching restaurants, locations, activities...the list is endless. Greg thinks I should find a way of making a career out of doing this type of thing because I'm pretty good at it. We're leaving on Friday and will be coming back on Tuesday, and I'm so excited!!! We haven't flown anywhere since New York last October. I guess that's what happens when you quit your job and become semi-broke. Haha Anyway, here's a little snippet from the itinerary to give you a little preview of what I have in store for us! Greg has never been to LA so I can't wait for him to see it!

LA Itinerary

Do you guys think I have a planning problem? I know Greg definitely thinks I do. But here's the thing, when we travel I like to take full advantage of the time that we have there...planning things out is the best way to do that for me. 

Moving on to the actual purpose of this post......my new activewear!!!! I have to preface this by letting you guys know that I have always been a die hard Nike girl. Purdue is a Nike school and as long as I can remember, when it comes to active wear for soccer, running, etc. I just have always put Nike above the rest. I also must confess that I do not own a single piece of lululemon apparel. I just never got into it. I have so much Nike gear from soccer, that I've honestly not needed much throughout the years. Also, isn't lulu really expensive? I literally know very little about the brand. I'll be honest with you about that.

All that being said.....as I sit here now, I'm a New Balance believer!!!! I still love Nike, I always will, but I'll give you a scenario. I'm getting ready for barre or for a run....where before I would automatically go grab a pair of my Nike leggings, I now grab my New Balance x J.Crew sport leggings. I LOVE them. 

I was recently selected to be a fitness ambassador for the New Balance x J.Crew Sport collection collaboration through working at J.Crew. With this role, I got a few pieces of the activewear for free!!! Which pretty much made my month. Before writing this post, I took a few weeks to break in the new activewear and I'm so impressed. This color block set is so freaking cute AND functional. 

My leggings are the right amount of thickness, so that they aren't see-through, keep me warm if it's a little chilly, yet are breathable enough not to make me hot when it's warm out. They have two pockets built into each side that can each fit a phone, keys, credit cards, etc. which is an awesome design detail. When you bend over in them, the butt doesn't sag and dip down...do you guys know what I mean? I hate when leggings do that so when you stand back up you have to readjust everything. These don't do that at all. They move with me. I'm wearing a medium FYI, and I am 5'11" and 145 lbs. Right now, they are even on sale for 20% off here!

My crop top is a size XS because I wanted it to be tight and fitted. It hits at the right stomach height for me and I was so surprised that the arms were actually long enough for me. They have thumb holes which is great. I also love the high neck line, I just think it's flattering and makes the crop more versatile for cooler temps. The icing on the cake for me are the cut-outs in the back. 

I really can't speak highly enough about this activewear set. I've worn both pieces multiple times now for various activities, like running, barre, soccer practice, and just leisure. In general, the sport collection is expensive, but honestly, it's worth it. This stuff is great! Let me know if you have any specific questions below!

This was Erika and I's first time shooting any active wear and we had so much fun! I think we got some great shots too. Enjoy!!

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