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Fall for Brooks Running

Fall for Brooks Running

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SO EXCITED to write this post!!!

I’m so glad you guys have really embraced my fitness content. As most of you know. I’m a runner through and through. As far back as I can remember, I’ve been a runner. It’s part of my identity. I was very competitive in track in high school, even set a few city records, ran at state multiple years, and obviously running is a huge component in soccer as well. Whenever shit hits the fan in my life, or I’m stressed or anxious, I put on my shoes and just head out on a run. When I used to compete, every run was timed and there was a mile goal and so on. I was always pushing to be the fastest on my soccer team, win each race, or set a new PR. I still have the mile record at my middle school for 5:21…that was as an 7th grader 15 years ago. I couldn’t even come close to that today if I tried, lol, but that should give you an idea of how serious I used to take it all.

Now I just run for me. I don’t care how far or how fast, I just listen to my body. And some days my body hates me and some days I feel like I can still fly, but regardless, when I get done with my run, I ALWAYS feel better. I have perspective and clarity and I just feel good about myself.

I recognize that some of you can completely relate to this, and others of you are like, I hate running. That’s cool too!! I get it, it’s certainly not for everyone. But luckily, whether you are a runner, hiit person, barre goer, or what have you, you have a love for fitness clothing right??

That’s where Brooks Running comes in!! I recently partnered with this Seattle staple company to try out their new fall collection. While I think they are most commonly known for their running shoes, which are great, their clothing is also top notch!!! And as the season changes and it starts to get colder, I find myself needing a little motivation to get outside and get my workout in. What’s better motivation than having new gear to wear??? I really can’t think of anything honestly. When I put on my Brooks tights, bra, and vest, I was like….okay, NOW I’m ready to tackle this. It’s amazing what new clothes do for you right??

P.S. If you scroll down I’ve linked all of the products and my sizing.

All of this pieces I’m about to show you are excellent transition pieces!! Meaning you can layer up or down depending upon the weather that day. The tights are thick enough to wear on chillier days, but are also super breathable, so I didn’t feel hot in them. The top with the open back is perfect for studio or pair with the vest for cooler temps. Also, this vest is the best guys. I’ve worn it for my workout and then continued wearing it throughout the day because it doesn’t look like “running” gear, it’s cute and functional. Also, I love a good lightweight and waterproof jacket. This one is no exception. And the thing I love about all of the products is that Brooks really thought about a runner’s needs. So the leggings have 2 pockets built in, the jacket has an internal key pocket, and both the jacket and vest have full zip pockets which is a big deal! These details are so helpful when working out and also for just running around post-workout.

Now…on to the critical review portion of this post…..the sports bras!!! You guys know how I am about sports bras, but for those of you who are new here, I am a sports bra queen. That’s all I wear in my everyday life. I do not even own a regular bra….seriously. I’m not exaggerating. So I was super excited to try the Brooks bras because I know they have been doing a lot of work trying to get into the sports bra game, and let me tell you, I was very impressed. They sent me 3 different styles of bras, and I can only speak for myself as a AA cup, but I loved how the bras were supportive but also moved with me. For me when running or working out, I don’t want to have to think about my bra. Like I don’t want to have to be adjusting it, or feel it pinching anywhere, and I also want to feel secure. The bras did all of that!!

Last but certainly not least, the sneakers!!! These are my favorite item from the fall line. They are a neutral, energizing running shoe. I wore Brooks years ago, but then switched to Mizuno, and now I’ve come back to Brooks. I have to tell you, they were instantly comfortable as soon as I put them on. I’ve put about 20 miles on them now and I still love them. So comfortable for walking or running. Brooks knows their running shoes…it’s good to be back!!

Here are the products featured here and the sizes I’m wearing. And I’m 5’11”, 145 lbs., size 34AA, size 6 pants typically. Hope this helps!

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