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Top 10 Seattle Dinner Spots!!

Top 10 Seattle Dinner Spots!!

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Alright you guys asked for it!! I’m so excited to give you my top 10 lists for Dinner spots!!

Please Note: The list is in no particular order!

We live in Cap Hill so a lot of these spots are in our hood, but I also tried to make sure and pick a spot from most neighborhoods. Along with that, I also wanted to highlight both fast casual as well as sit-down and incorporate varying price points so you get a little bit of everything! That being said, my criteria mainly is centered around:

  • the atmosphere/vibes

  • the taste of the food and drinks

  • the value and pricing for what you get

You guys know that Greg and I are big foodies and my favorite nights are the ones where I get to have a glass of wine, get dressed up, and go get dinner and drinks from a great restaurant! Luckily, there are no shortage of them in Seattle, and especially in Capitol Hill.

We still have SO many places that we still haven’t been, so I’ve also included a list of places we still want to try at the bottom as well! Without further ado……

Top 10 Seattle Dinner Spots:

Joule - Fremont/Wallingford

joule 2.jpg

Joule is an asian fusion restaurant with an emphasis on the korean style meats. It’s kind of tapas style where the plates are smaller and you can try a bunch of different things. We’ve been here once and we loved it! They have a variety of steaks you can try and everything we had was seriously fucking good. Price wise it is a little pricier if, like us, you want to try a bunch of different things. It’s going to be $100 dinner night, but it was worth it. It also is really popular so make sure you make a reservation. We will definitely be back! Joule IG


Bar Melusine - Cap Hill

bar melusine 1.jpg

Bar Melusine is one of the cutest restaurants in all of Seattle, if not the cutest. So it already wins on vibes. It’s only a few blocks away from our place and I had walked by it so many times before we finally went one night for dinner this past winter. Greg was suspicious of the portion sizes initially, but let me tell you…it was so good!!! It’s a rotating french inspired seafood menu and everything is served tapas style as it comes out. I absolutely loved everything that we got. The coho salmon was probably my favorite salmon dish I’ver had, so definitely get that when you go if it’s still on the menu, and make a resi! Bar Melusine IG


Asadero - Ballard


Asadero is a mexican steakhouse that is SO GOOD. We tried it out for the first time a couple weeks ago and got the wayu steak platter, shown above, and it was fire. And they have a salsa/fixins bar that you can go up to and grab whatever you like. Price wise it was great because I think the platter is only like $26 bucks and it’s enough for 2 people. One of the best bang for your buck places we’ve been to in Seattle! Just be warned, they don’t take reservations and it gets really crowded on the weekends so go early! We got there at like 5pm on a Saturday and had no wait, but by the time we were leaving the line was starting to form for a wait. Asadero IG


Flintcreek Cattle Co. - Greenwood


Flintcreek Cattle Co. is where we went for Greg’s 30th birthday dinner in April, and honestly it’s definitely one of my favorite places we’ve been. The service was excellent and the food was even better. We saved it for a special occasion as it is a bit pricier, but also, very much worth it. We got this acorn squash that was incredible, I had the filet as my main and it melted in my mouth. We got a bunch of stuff though and everything we ate was awesome. There are still so many things I want to try there because the menu is amazing, so we will definitely be back! Flintcreek IG


Wood Shop BBQ - Central District


Wood Shop BBQ is the first fast-casual on the list! It started out as a food truck and then grew into a full restaurant now in the central district. Greg and I both love bbq, so Wood Shop has been a favorite for us when we’re feeling it. There’s a cute bar in the front of the restaurant where you order at the counter, and then venture out to the back patio to wait for your food. I always get the pulled pork sandwich with a side of the jalapeno mac n cheese, and it’s absolutely amazing!! Wood Shop IG


Stateside - Cap Hill


We’ve been to Stateside 4-5 times now and it hasn’t disappointed us yet! It’s usually booked so make sure you make a reservation. I’m not sure exactly how to describe the menu, but it’s like a global mix of plates with an asian fusion edge. We always get 3-5 things so we can try a bit of everything - but there’s isn’t a bad thing on the menu! The pork collar is fav though. The service is also excellent. We are always very well taken care of and the cocktails are also great. A few times I’ve just given them a general idea of what I’m in the mood for, and they’ve whipped up something for me, which is always nice. This another one that’s definitely a nicer date night though. I feel like we usually spend ~$100 on dinner here too, but you’ll leave happy! Stateside IG


Eve Fremont


Eve is another popular date night spot for us. Tucked into a small Fremont nook, we walked by it several times without noticing until I was perusing options on Yelp one day. We went for the first time on Greg’s 29th birthday with a small group and loved it. Since then, we’ve been back a couple times. Eve doesn’t get as much press as some of the other places on this list, but it should, because it is excellent!! It’s a little pricier at like $40/person-ish depending upon what you get, but also very satisfying. They focus on clean, but still wholesome eats, something Greg and I can really appreciate. Also, the interior is so cute!! Eve IG


Rocket Taco - Cap Hill

rocket taco.jpg

Last year when Greg and I lived on 19th - we would frequent Rocket Taco regularly. Now we’re a little further south, but definitely still walkable so we like to stop in whenever we can. Rocket Taco is our go-to, order at the counter, taco shop. It’s very reasonably priced and super chill. A place where you can go and just hang out and eat… and not have to worry about it being too crowded. One side is the restaurant and the other side is a full bar, where Greg and I always sit. :) There are big windows and the sunlight always pours in and it’s just a great neighborhood spot! Highly recommend because it’s very reasonably priced and super tasty! Rocket Taco IG


Westward - Wallingford


I’ve been to Westward for both dinner and brunch, and I have to say, I actually prefer it for dinner. The menu is seafood based and it’s located right on the water. They have a great outdoor patio and also an area with Adirondack chairs overlooking Lake Union. As far as atmosphere goes, you really can’t beat it. The food, drinks, and service is great as well. Just note, that it is typically crowded so you pretty much have to have a reservation for dinner. Also, it’s on the pricier side so this would be a once in a while place for us. That being said, it’s definitely worth going and seeing what all the fuss is about! Westward IG


Ciudad - Georgetown


Last but certainly not least! We’ve only been to Ciudad once and it was very, very tasty! I can’t wait to go back. The menu has Spanish/Latin roots and is a variety of meats, veggies, and flatbreads served all la carte so you can order a bunch of different things. There’s the restaurant part, and then there’s also an attached bar with a big outdoor patio I believe, but we need to go back to check that part out. I really can’t say enough about this place. The pricing is not quite as expensive as some of the other places on this list and the food is outstanding! Ciudad IG

There you have it!!!! A list of our top 10 Favorite places. Here are a few that we still love but that didn’t quite make the list, along with all the places we still want to try. And next I will do Top 10 Brunch spots, along with Top 10 Happy Hours! :)

Honorable Mention:

  1. Americana - Cap Hill

  2. Soi - Cap Hill

  3. Poquitoes - Cap Hill

  4. Grappa - Queen Anne

  5. Re:public - South Lake Union

  6. Alibi - Pike Place Market

  7. Frelard Pizza - Frelard

  8. Monsoon - Cap Hill

  9. Ray’s Boathouse - Ballard

Still on the List to Try (for dinner specifically):

  1. Bateau - Cap Hill

  2. Brimmer & Heeltap - Ballard

  3. Spinasse - Cap Hill

  4. Jack’s BBQ - South Lake Union

  5. Kedai Makan - Cap Hill

  6. Lark - Cap Hill

  7. Rock Creek Seafood - Fremont/Wallingford

  8. Bastille - Ballard

  9. Sawyer - Ballard

  10. Red Cow - Madrona

  11. Serious Pie and Biscuit - Belltown

  12. Willmott’s Ghost - South Lake Union (in the spheres)

  13. June Baby - University District

  14. Stoneburner - Ballard

  15. Ben Paris - Downtown

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