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Running with Rich - A Meyer Valentine’s

Running with Rich - A Meyer Valentine’s

I was trying to think of a catchier title for this post but it just wasn’t happening for me. :)

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So excited for this post!! Because so many of you have asked me about my workouts, I wanted to something a little different from your typical Valentine’s Day post. Personally, I’m not a fan of Valentine’s day, and Greg is even less so. I think more than anything else, it’s just seems kind of stupid to me. I would much rather celebrate occasions that are unique to us, like our dating and wedding anniversaries and our birthdays, and stuff like that. Something that I can get behind though, is working out with your person. So I thought this would be a great tie-in to Valentine’s Day!

One of the most common questions I get about my fitness, is about how I stay motivated. And it honestly goes in spurts…but right about this time every year I start to get bored. Every time I go through a lull, or a burnout period, I turn to Greg and he’s such a huge motivator for me. He is (somehow) constantly motivated and works out 6 days a week. But he’s also like, Stephie, if you don’t feel like it, it’s fine, don’t do it. When he gets up to go to the gym or for a run, it naturally just motivates me I think because I’m super competitive, so if he’s doing something, I want to be doing it too. Haha Also, I can’t have him looking better than me!! I always want us both to be fit and active. Being in shape and healthy is just really important to both of us.

So! We go to the gym together about 2 days a week, and I do workouts on my own 2 days a week. I love working out with Greg because it’s just another thing that we get to enjoy doing together. Also, I really love him as a running buddy because he just lets me talk the whole time :) And also pushes me at the same time because he’s faster than me. If you’re feeling unmotivated, it’s just much easier to work out or go for a run if you have someone who’s willing to do it with you and keep you accountable.

We were so happy to partner with Brooks Running for this post and show you guys some exercises you can do with your partner!! I have enjoyed working with them so much, and honestly guys, the gear is ballin. I’ve been wearing it non-stop and I can’t go back. Greg loves it too and has been wearing some of the items to work and out and about the same way that I do. I think the biggest thing that stands out for me as a differentiator, is that the items are truly designed for movement, weather that’s walking, lifting, yoga, or running. And I seriously love the sports bras!!!! I have been a huge nike sports bra person forever for working out, and I will not go back. The Brooks bras are way better. Supportive and way more comfortable than Nike, and so cute too! The Hot Shot bra, the one I’m wearing in the photos below, is probably my favorite. I have it in 2 different styles and it’s the right amount of support for running, but still comfortable enough to wear all day. the straps don’t dig into your shoulders or anything like that. The other bra that I’m literally obsessed with is the FastForward Zip. Super cute and I love the back design. I put it on my IG a few weeks ago but the product photos are below too! It will be a workout staple for me going forward. :)

Greg’s been loving his Canopy Jacket. It’s fully waterproof and a perfect weight for spring! He wears it to work and told me he got a lot of compliments. Haha He’s been wearing the Sherpa shorts a lot lately too. They are a 2-in-1 and have a phone pocket and he said his phone stayed secure while he was working out. So try them guys!! Also….they’re on sale currently!

Check out the pics shot by my dear friend Elisa, of E for Elisa, and let me know if you have any questions about the gear, but I’ve linked everything below!

My Items:

Greg’s Items:

Stephie Spotlight: E for Elisa

Stephie Spotlight: E for Elisa